Modern Jive
'Jive - Junkies'

'A fantastic new social life thats Great exercise too'

Modern Jive is the UK's Biggest Modern Partner Dance
Its nothing like ballroom jive or 'rock n roll' jive.

It's Fun, very easy to learn, its a sociable dance and you don't need to bring a partner.

Danced to pop, chart and most types of music. Similar to SALSA but to popular music. Ideal for weddings, parties and clubs.

We run professional (UKA) modern jive lessons every week at the beautiful Grosvenor Ballroom in Wallasey.

Our beginner lessons start at 20:00hrs first time beginners can start any week but should try and register before 20:00hrs.

Intermediate Lesson starts at 21:15hrs

Dancing through till 22:30
Click here for more information on Thursday night lessons on the Wirral

Johnny & Hazel Dancing a slow version of Modern Jive

About our instruction
Our instructors are all Professional Dancers members of the UKA. Most venues instructors are taught in house, our instructors have attended an independent instructor course and been examined by independent examiners and passed the membership exam for the 'United Kingdom Alliance of professional teachers of Dance'
We are presently the only school on the Wirral with professional UKA qualified Modern Jive instructors.
Learning the dance correctly dramatically raises the level of the students dancing in the long run.