Instructor Training

Professional Instructor training
Why become a professional Qualified
Modern Jive Instructor

Some of the Facts:

The ‘United Kingdom Alliance of professional teachers of dance’ (UKA) qualify many different styles of dance including Modern Jive.

A professional qualification shows you have met a level of instruction,that says you are teaching the dance correctly and safely.

The dance works well when taught correctly, it improves freestyle dancing by keeping to the basic rules and structure. This considerable improves dancers ability, satisfaction and retention.

A lot of self taught and venue taught instructors that have been teaching many years, are amazed how much they did not understand about the dance until they have attended the course.

Non qualified instructors have no evidence, or formal recognised training, that tells venue managers (employers) that they are employing an instructor that is teaching correctly and safely. The employer has a duty of care for his/her customers.

A qualification demonstrates a minimum level of knowledge, not only about dance in general but also Modern Jive. Self taught Modern Jive Instructors often have very little knowledge about timing, music structure, the global basics about dance, more important the basics about Modern Jive structure - why the dance works. This basic knowledge may not seem important but it provides the tools required to be a professional, and a knowledge that would be expected to help prevent accidents and provide a safe environment for students.