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Professional Instructor training
Why become a professional Qualified
Modern Jive Teacher

We do not want to create good instructors, but to help create great dance Teachers.
A dance teacher is an experienced dancer, somebody who has a good understanding of the dance they are teaching, how it works and why it works. An instructor often demonstrates parrot fashion without explaining how to get things to work (a DVD for example is Instructional). A teacher uses information from his students, responds to their problems and modifies his /her teaching. Instructing is one way communication, teaching is a two way even with a class of 200 dancers / students.

We offer a two courses; a complete Modern Jive instructor / teacher course and a cross over course.

Instructor Course
The course consist of 5 modules (workshops), you need to complete all 5 modules before you sit the instructor exam. Modules are run monthly / bi monthly. You can start on any of the 5 modules but you need to complete them all, (you also have the option to repeat modules) before you sit the exam. There is also the option to sit a pre assessment prior to sitting the exam.

Cross over course
This is a day / 2 day course for those that already teach on a regular basis. This is not an instructor course, it is to provide instructors the knowledge they need to become qualified instructor. This course can be done locally and at cost, but you do need proof that you have been teaching on a regular basis.

Further information

a) Full instructor course, this is aimed at developing a dancer into a Professional Dancer / Instructor. It’s normally a five day course, everybody that has attended the course soon realises how much more there is to the dance than they originally believed. Whether you want to teach on stage, run a venue, or give private lessons this course is about teaching Modern Jive to the highest level. This course will put you into the best position for passing a professionally recognised dance instructor qualification / exam and becoming a member of the UKA.

b) Crossover course; for those that teach regularly. This normally takes a day, it does not involve developing people to teach (they can already do this). Its basically showing experienced instructors what they require to pass the exam. This includes going over syllabus moves and making sure they are consistent with the structure of the dance. This course is normally run at cost and can be done on a ‘one - one’ basis locally.

Becoming a member of the
‘United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance’ the UKA, has many benefits including Public Liability insurance included in the membership fee (~£100 per annum).


Teaching and understanding turning / spinning correctly;

Teaching & understanding why tension & compression is the key to freestyle dancing and how we obtain that.

Syllabus moves; Beginner / Improver moves including the basic footwork for each move
-Important provides a professional smooth dance.

Understanding the structure of the dance - what makes it work in freestyle, why simply changing little things can make a move danceable in freestyle.

Teaching a move, breaking it down, importance of timing, monitoring students & recognising success of teaching
-Often not understood by self taught Modern Jive instructors.

Teaching a lesson, the structure of putting a successful lesson together.

Safety; good teaching, creating a safe environment.

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