Competing in Modern Jive

Modern Jive Competitions are great fun!
Great way to improve your dance!
Categories for everyone!
Dance with a Stranger, Intermediate, Advance, Showcase, Seniors, Super Seniors, Ariels, Double Trouble & ProAm
Johnny & Hazel
have helped many dancers develop and successfully compete at all levels of Modern Jive competition.
We are more than happy to help anybody wanting to compete.

Pro Am
Compete with Johnny or Hazel

As instructors we are able to work with and compete with other dancers (non Instructors) at Intermediate & Advance level.

2012 Am's

Ashley Maddox

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Andrea Hilditch

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Olivia Grace - Beale

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Julia Duane

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Phil Edge

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Steve Web

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Cheryl Wyatt

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Tracy Booth

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Karen Edge

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Andrew Stone

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