Johnny & Hazel
members of the
'United Kingdom of Professional Teachers of Dance' - (UKA)
'Professional Dance Instructors Association' - (PDIA)

Johnny & Hazel Showcase Routine 2012

Johnny & Hazel are both Professional Dancers. Dancing and competing up to Ten partner dances.

Johnny qualified and has been teaching Modern Jive since 2006, and been dancing Modern Jive since around 2003.

Hazel qualified as a professional dance instructor in 2008 and has been teaching Modern Jive ever since.

Johnny and Hazel use their experiences from dancing and competing other partner dances plus their vast Modern Jive experience to develop dancers and Modern Jive dance moves.

'The key to teaching Modern Jive is to teach moves that can be led in Freestyle dancing, this is what Modern Jive dancers really want't
Modern Jive has got structure even advance moves that stick to this basic structure can be danced in freestyle - using their understanding of Modern Jive structure and there experience and understanding of dance has been the core to their teaching success.

Johnny & Hazel still dance & compete up to Ten partner dances not only around the UK but also in europe. These dances include the ever growing popular dances such as West Coast Swing & Nightclub but also Waltz, Two Step, Cha Cha ect

Johnny & Hazel mainly teach in the North West at several venues every month, they also teach at workshops across the UK, and at some of the UKs biggest Dance Weekends and Dance Holidays

We offer a variety of private lessons both at our local venues and also at Dance Weekends & Dance Holidays (email for info)

Johnny & Hazel Modern Jive Dance Demo's